“Alrighty Then”

“There are two kinds of people: those who say to God, ‘Thy will be done,’ and those to whom God says, ‘All right, then, have it your way.'”~ C.S. Lewis ~

Somehow- when I read this weeks quote…. I saw Jim Carrey playing God- saying “ALRIGHTY THEN!” (Which he never did… but it’s what Im hearing;)

The whole idea- on both accounts, makes me cringe.

If there were to be a crown for problem solving- I would be it’s wearer. My Husband and kids will a attest to that one. Give me a problem, and I’ll figure out a Plan A, Plan B and a back up in case of emergency Plan C. If those plans fail, I will certainly be able to come up with a D-Z.
MOST of the time, this is a plus. Just not so much, when it comes to my relationship with God. I ocassionally think I have the “best plan” for things. And tend to offer God solutions, options you could say. I am almost inevitably surprised by His creativity in choosing a MUCH better plan.

I remember being a new Christian (yes, I still remember) and fearing for My Dad’s salvation. (ummm he was pretty much an addict at the time- and pretty toasted (physically, emotionally and socially) by His drug usage. Then he became involved in The Jehovah’s Witnesses. Things were not improving in my eyes.

I started to panic. I remember looking at the situation, and praying… “Dear Lord- I’m the “ONLY” Christian My dad knows- please help me get him saved” I tried everything in the “Christian’s Guide to Saving Heathens” (OK, I made that up… there is bo such book, that I know of, anyway…;) Nothing worked- my “attempts” at saving my Dad- started to feel like a wedge between us, instead of loving my Dad where he was, I tried to argue doctrine etc.

Years passed, and I continued to pray- but I let go of the idea of “saving my dad.” I decided to let Jesus be in charge of that one. But- in the back of my mind- I always worried a bit about “the influences” that were in my Dad’s life.

My plan- A-Z was that as I was the “only” Christian my Dad knew… so, of COURSE, I would be the most logical one to share Christ with Him, or else it wouldn’t happen. That’s when I met God’s plan -it was better as usual.

Years ago- while attending a party (thrown by his AA N/A friends) for my Dad’s (something “big” birthday- I don’t remember which) I was honored to meet the woman who sponsored my Dad. This little, elderly woman was tethered to an oxygen tank. But- I soon found out, more than air- she was full of God. She held my hands and told me about praying for my Dad- and loving him. And sharing Christ with him. FOR ALL THESE YEARS.

I was shocked. You mean God could use someone else? But I though….. I was… the only… Christian…..Duh. Tracey – plan A B C God— Plan GOD. And again- I say, Duh.
I cannot really pin down my Dad’s relationship with God- it has defied labels. But- I can say this, with assurance- God is making Himself known to my Dad. Often times- in spite of me. And my Dad, well- he is getting to know God. (Not as quickly as I would plan;)- but we’re going with God’s plan- He’s pretty reliable, I’ve come to learn)

I’ll admit, however- that sometimes- when I see God’s plan unfolding, I disagree with it. Ummm I GET, that, that, is ludicrous- but I doubt that I am the only one. Sometimes- God’s plan, just isn’t “logical”- from my perspective.

I am by NO means a Star Trek fan- but I will admit to having watched it (or boxing or car races) every Sunday afternoon as a kid. And to tell you the truth- I have stood by God- Staring at him muttering that God’s plan is “illogical”. Much like Spock did to Captain Kirk, on ocassion.
In reading today’s quote- I wonder, what makes the difference between the two “kinds of people?” In my experience- it’s when I refuse to let go of my own plan and accept His. When I (try to) force my agenda. (not that I’d EVER try to do that;)

Getting to a place of acceptance of God’s will, is (for me) often a wrestling match. Like Jacob– I wrestle with God- until He wins.

I may walk away with a limp from the experience of wrestling- but at least I walk in the right direction. In the direction of God’s will. One of His greatest blessings.
Sometimes, we just don’t bother with the wrestling .

We question- but we don’t ask questions. Instead of wrestling with God- asking our questions as ugly as they may be- we question God’s character. Not to Him- but to ourselves. Like a young child, pouting and angry over not getting their way… we say “You don’t love me” (One of my youngest, Noah’s -current favorite means of manipulation to get his own way- it doesn’t work) or like another young child on the playground- we take our ball and go home, having nothing more to do with the God who won’t play our game.

I am glad to wrestle- hot, sweaty work that it is. I’d much rather be surprised by God’s better plans- than to turn my back and cease to see him or His plans all together.

I pray it’s never God who says to me- “Alright, have it your way” (Alhough, the whole Jim Carrey as God saying “Alrighty, Then” thing could give me nightmares…:) But- that I will continue to wrestle (hopefully the matches will get shorter, when I wise-up and give up sooner and sooner!) and in the end I’ll always say “Not your my will, but yours” As, Jesus did.

Dear Lord- I ask you to accomplish your will in this world. In my life, my family, friends and ministry- where ever your plans lead- I will follow, and God- if we need to wrestle again any time soon- go easy on my bod- it’s getting old- I love you Lord- amen

ps- I love CS Lewis. Just had to throw that in;)

9 thoughts on ““Alrighty Then”

  1. Oh I know this struggle as well. I am also a planner by nature, and my plans always seem to make so much sense. The humorous (if that is the word to choose) thing is often I will “figure out” God’s plan just in case mine doesn’t turn out. Ah yes… sad, isn’t it? 🙂 Working on that one.

  2. Okay…now I can’t get that Jim Carey thingie out of my head :)….I so enjoyed your personal experiences as it related to this quote! If only we could always “Let Go and Let God”.

  3. lol Now I”m remembering the movie “bruce almighty”… anyhow, great sharing. I often think about my family the same way you described!

  4. Oh you were talking about me!! So many times, it is the illogical stuff that drive me up the wall, but tht way God keeps me on my toes.

    Great post!!

  5. We women are great manipulators – oops,I mean planners! -) Yes, I can see that you are “fingers pried loose sister”! =) Love, Patricia

  6. What a wonderful post. You know, I think God lets us go in our own direction sometimes in order to prove a point. Than we came home just like the lost son who thought that grass was greener on the other side.
    Regarding your dad’s salvation – God has his plan and he put someone else in your dad’s path who is not emotionally involved…

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