Lovely Lady…… TEA. ;) With 2 lumps- please

Sweet Afton Tea Roompansytea

Had a great and PACKED Ladies day Friday! My SIL (Missie) and I headed to downtown Plymouth, for “high Tea” at the Sweet Afton Tea Room.

Missie met me at my house- with GOODIES! (gotta love that! tape measures ummm 4!— (smart alec-;) she read a post on my knack for losing them;) including one for Noah- who has measured everything in the house- at this point! But- there was also a very cute one , she made for me! red felt covered- with the cutest hand embroidery! Then there was the cutest little stack of hand covered match boxes EVER!

You should stop by her ETSY shop— and check out her “wares” She’s very talented- and you’ll love her stitch markers and needle rolls too!

We got rolling- without much fuss—–were actually ontime (ish) for our lunch reservation…..until…

As per my norm….. we ran into a few bumps along the way…

Such as- this weekend is the HUGE Art in the Park affair… which meant parking was a night mare. We found a pay lot- (10$ well spent) but it was 1/4 mile from our destination…..no problem- we had plenty to chit chat about .. and were having a great time… until 100 yards from the car- a lady called out to me from her car—“ I think you’re dragging something”

Anybody wanna take a guess as to WHAT I was dragging? Yes- YARN. From my poor “Amazing Lace” project! Missie kindly ran back and started winding it up—- it hadn’t unraveled the project- it was just from the skein….. so I was fine…. we laughed… you had to see it—- burgundy lace weight—– streaming behind me, while I am totally clueless…….;) Classic.

We had a great lunch— total girlie food- (I don’t have many opportunities to do that!) Tea Sandwiches cucumber and curry, strawberry and cream cheese on cinnamon raisin, ham and roast beef…. then we had mini quice- Lorainne and somehting else- don’t remember… then SCONES Apricot, Pecan, and a few others….(yum) with the best lemon curd, homemade starwberry preserves, clotted cream…..again I say YUM. Followed up with tiny tarts of a nice variety!

I sucked down (pinky up, of course) 2 pots of Earl Grey– (was perfect-;)

The actual tea room, was, well, not as wonderful as I had envisioned… but fine, the service could have been better- but was fine… we had great conversation- and fun- so It was terrific!

Old Village Yarn Shop
Next we headed to the closest LYS- (Old Village Yarn Shop) Which has a serviceable selection (although Knit A-Round in Ann Arbor, is my favorite) where they surprised me by having in the new Knit Lites……. which are.. GET this— knitting needles with LED lights in the tips! Perfect for knitting at the MOVIES… and HA HA around the campfire while I’m camping next week!!!!!!!

I picked up a pair for Missies Birthday “yarn-raiser” for Interim House, which you can learn more about here—–

Next we headed to :

IKEA- ikea Which I love- because I spent $50 and came home with 3 bags of stuff- gifts, stuff for the camper— cute- and cheap- I’m all about that!

Friday, was a BUSY day!

Thanks to Missie- for a great day out—!

I DO have knitting updates for later— but ttfn!

Dear Lord- thanks for bringing Missie into our family- she is such a great match for my brother- I pray that you’d bless their marriage- I also thank you for a nice day off- and minimal damage done to the house- while I left the guys home alone! I love you Lord- AMEN!

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  1. What a great time you ladies had :)…Wouldn’t it be fun to run a tea shop, with some Christian music in the background :)…Yeah, I know, now I am dreaming.
    Well, I am glad that it was lace you were dragging around.
    Have a blessed weekend.

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