Knitter- over come with Brownie fumes— takes DAYS to recover

amazing lace and reprieve In case you’re wondering where I’ve been……..

On Friday…. I was over come with toxic fumes. I have been going thru detox ever since…..it’s an intensive home recovery process- but I think I’m on the mend.

It began with preparation for a party— (accidents always happen that way.. don’t they?) At first I felt fine…. Batches 1-3 went off without a hitch- but somewhere between batches 4-13… thigs get a little hazy.

All I know- is- I awoke to find myself and the boy- on the kitchen floor- brownie batter clinging to our chins- and spatulas clasped like swords for battle in our hands…..

The fumes were found to be predominately safe, (by the brownie inspectors called for these occasions) after careful evaluation…. . the source of the fumes was determined to be my own OVEN.

Specifically: the 300 brownies I baked in it!!!!!! (For a graduation party.. my friends son, whom we love— of course;)

Friday was a blur- stir, mix bake and cool… cut plate start again…. and again….

There were:

Mint Chocolate chip brownies
White Chocolate Chip
White Chocolate Chip with Walnuts
Peanut butter chip
M&M Mini Brownies
Oreo Brownies
Mounds Brownies
Peanut butter chip w/ walnuts
Heath Pecan Crunch

COUNTLESS Batches in 9×13 pans…..(you accumulate a number of those in 18 years of marriage—-btw) WAY too much fun all around;) ( I love baking) Noah thoroughly enjoyed “sprinkling” toppings of all sorts.

But…..Please, nobody say BROWNIE.;) It is the NEW B word. (least at my house it is)

I started Saturday morning- baking 15 pounds of barbeque meatballs—- (also for the party…;)

Party was awesome- all day poolside event- Noah made new friends…..(he does that;) and got his first sunburn (mom’s fault) We all had a great time…

Sunday way Fathers Day- so we devoted ourselves to makin’ Daddy Happy.
He got “Guitar Hero” (Playstation game extraordinaire) and a gps for camping;) (had one previously- that was stolen from our car. 🙁 )

After a few HOURS of Guitar Hero— we headed out to Great Lakes Crossings- to go to
Rain Forest Cafe— then saw “Nacho Libre” Like I said- it was a day all about makin Daddy happy;) Ended the day with a quick trip to the new IKEA. Holy cow- that place is NUTS.

Bought a few things- but, could have bought LOADS. Good prices- cute stuff;) I admit it— I liked it.

As for me– I knit— and knit— and knit— (there was plenty of time between brownie batches.) I added repeats to my “Amazing Lace” Project…. and I crossed, yet another knitting line….

I’ve knit WASHCLOTHES. Yes. I know. Another Thing I thought I’d never do… but they are quick- simple- and cute— and will be wonderful gifties with a bath bomb wrapped in each one- tied up with a ribbon….;)

amazing lace and reprieve 001
In the background is my sanity saver project….. the basket weave shawl in Noro Silk Garden Lite…The striping is pretty— but the Noro- is pretty knotty and has too much vegetable matter in it for me… the only sticks I like in my knitting are my needles. It’s also not so soft— so am hoping a soak will soften it up a bit— but the stripes are pretty, has a nice halo to it, and the colors are great… so I’m good- it will be perfect for cold nights sitting around the fire when we’re camping;)

The cute washclothes are from Mielkes Farms— it’s a free pattern- in Sugar and cream cotton (hello Walmart) They are quite cute- so I have a number more in my line-up—- Finally- My Amazing Lace Project….

amazing lace and reprieve 002I’m thinking I have the lace pattern down down now- occasional errors- are quickly found and fixed… but this will be my first project with a border that is knit-on— I’m starting to feel panicky about it—- but- I’ll give it a shot. Worst case- I can always- knit it separate and sew it on…. but hopefully not-

Later I’ll be posting my entry to the Amazing Lace Challenge #3… I’m still trying to recover from being sick- and then overcome with brownie fumes;)

shhhhhhhh just say no to brownies;)

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  1. mmmmmm brownies….any left overs??? Those washclothes are too cute! Where you find the pattern?

  2. oh— leftovers??? Ummmm yeah- probably could have baked HALF as many— brownies for breakfast.

    for all of the tri-county area.


  4. can you ship to illinois? love the lacy shawl too, enjoyed reading your blog. I’m originally from Michigan, Troy, Royal Oak, Clawson area now I’m in Illinois. Love to knit too 🙂

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