Confessions of an Iced Tea Freak/snob/addict


June bugs, sunshine, camping, pic-nics, barbe-ques, painting the windows on my truck to embarrass my children on the last day of school,

pulling out shorts from last year— (crap they don’t fit- we won’t talk bathing suits here) Kool-aid, hotdogs— (don’t tell me about them- or what is in them or how they are made- leave my bubble– please, it’s a junk food I like).

Knitting in the sun. Reading in the sun. Fishing with my guys. (especially if I catch the biggest fish.) Floating with friends in 4 inches of water on “floaties” in a lake..riding borrowed jetskis— FAST.

The smell on sunblock on little, sand covered boys.

Going to the lake. (any lake)

And what SAYS Summer to me???


Old Fashioned, brewed from the teapot- with tea you’d drink hot- strong, plain, fresh iced tea.

No fruit- maybe fresh mint- or a scant teaspoon of sugar– not quite dissolved- so it makes sweet, caffeinated sludge on the bottom of the glass. (I leave it there- whatever- it’s how I do it;)

A straw.

Always ice and a straw.

NOT “sweet tea”.

Not, “tea in a can”. Or, raspberry tea.

I used to like “Sun Tea” until a nurse friend wrecked it for me….(google “bacterial growth in suntea”- or don’t your choice- if you love it- just DON’T, to preserve your love- live in denial.)

Not sugary, lemony pop tasting stuff. Not tea from a mix, or tea with lemonade……

But, real. Iced Tea.

By the gallon, by the jug, if I could brew a Keg– (i’ll get interesting google hits out of that one) I would. Then- I’d drink it all myself.

Iced Tea.

My mom used to make it in the morning- in her lavander zip up fleece robe … water brought to a boil in a soup pot- then tea bags tossed in- usually red-rose or lipton.

Then- into the big, orange tupperware pitcher.

Nothing added- but you can sweeten in the glass- if you want to… Iced Tea. Glass dripping with condensation- better if sipped while floating in a pool..by a lake….Iced Tea.

Coffee in the mornings- (of course) But- in the summer—


I don’t know why, but I can love tea- both hot and cold- while coffee that is iced- is WRECKED.

It’s not that I think my way is better— but I love it most.

So know- you know—

Yet another addictive process in my life-

Iced Tea.

Places with decent drive thru tea- in a pinch-

McDonald’s ( I hate McDonalds)Tim Horton’s
add your suggestions to the comments— I’ll add them to the body of the [ost- for other poor addicted souls.

My Iced Tea Recipe:
(Yeah- like I pay attention)

12 GOOD tea bags- (If you wouldn’t drink it hot- don’t bother)

1 gallon fresh water brough to a boil

Pour water over bags- (in a heat safe- picture I have a giant rubbermaid one- but glass would be better)

Steep about 10 minutes (or until you remember- or can wait no longer)

Pour while hot over ice cubes- (go to the gas station if the kids forget to fill them)

listen to the ice explode

stir in less than a teaspoon of sugar, with a straw.

Suck it down— all day long.

Whats your favorite brand of tea to brew???

post away!:) I’ll sip tea and read.

6 thoughts on “Confessions of an Iced Tea Freak/snob/addict

  1. I will admit to liking sweet tea (fresh though, not that canned stuff), Arizona lemon tea (no other canned), and Pom black tea (at $4 a glass, though, and hard to find, I don’t have it often). Your brother likes Arizona Green Tea.

    Iced tea… I have a similar method that I use at work: brew 1 mug of tea. Sweeten. Pour over big glass of ice. Suck it down fairly quickly, because it’s yummy.

    I like only black teas, as far as I can tell. Breakfast teas, darjeeling, even Lipton. I’ve become totally spoiled now by loose tea, though. Adagio Cherry black tea is the best!

  2. Just catching up on all your posts from the whole week. Cold Brew individual tea bags are great for on the go.

  3. I am so happy that I found your site. It appears we have some things in common besides knitting. Thought you might want to be the first to see the pattern for the triple lindee!

  4. Good morning Tracey,
    A first time visitor – pressed the random CWO button and came to you!!!
    We don’t really drink iced tea much in Britain. We have bottles of Liptons Iced tea but I have always seen mention of it and never known how to do it properly..so now I know and thanks very much.

    We are actually having a warm dry spell here (makes a change from the rain) so a jug of iced tea may well be the order of the day..

    From a tea drinking (hot though) sister in South Wales, UK!!!

  5. i run my tea thru the coffee pot, yes i cheat. pour in a little sugar, then pour into jug, then the fridge. In the husband’s case, it’s splenda in his tea.

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