Potty Training Day 7

Moving right along.

Something has “clicked”. Mr Big Boy, is starting to get this whole potty-training thing.

Today, is a BIG day. He’s wearing UNDERWEAR!!!!!!!!!

Daddy and I are going out.. so the pull-ups will be replacing them for a couple of hours— (insurance) But- it looks like we’ve turned the corner.

There should be a ceremony- a song, an anthem to play— something.

Anybody got any POTTY TRAINGING Anthem suggestions??????

Comment away—- this could be interesting. (Or scary)

We’re also filling up the potty sticker-chart pretty quick. Looks like I better start shopping for swing-sets!

Knitting/spining update in the morning-I have a DATE tonight. 😉

4 thoughts on “Potty Training Day 7

  1. ok… our song is something like this…”big boy goes (insert #1 or #2 name here)” Really loud and really off key! I aspire to your greatness!

  2. Oh, say can you pee?

    Maybe not. But congrats to one of my new nephews & his tired-of-changing-diapers mom!

  3. Oh say can you pee……

    even out by the tree…..

    at our house– that could work!;)
    thnx- after we get thru the “soggy” season, we’ll be doing great!

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