Knitting Blog? Oh, Yeah— And Spinning too!!!!

April 25

I have the POWER!

Behold— she takes flax and wool- and spins. She creates garments for her family of scarlet- to warm them. They do not fear winter……

(or something like that— I know there’s something similar in PROVERBS 31….BUT- THIS IS NOT A LESSONY TYPE POST— THIS IS A “LOOKIE, WHAT I LEARNED” TYPE POST.

I started my spinning lessons a couple of weeks ago. I went to assauge the guilt of purchasing a spinning wheel I am too inept to actually use. Or, so I thought.

Now- I am Obi Wan… I have found my spinning Yoda. “Grasshopper— can you snatch this pebbel from my hand???” “Why, yes- spinning master- I believe I can……”

I have found her- she resides here:


At the Spinning Loft. The owner is wonderful- and is a phenomenal teacher.

I am not an accomplished spinner- (duh) but- I actually MADE YARN! Photo evidence is below.

OK- maybe not quite so dramatic- and not really very important. BUT. I can do it!!!!!

The shop is loaded with beautiful fibers- of every color and texture imaginable. There are a number of wheels to try- and the owner- (Betty) is just as welcoming and encouraging as possible. She quickly picks up on your learning style- and communicates to you in a way- that you will surely understand.

All the things I READ online- and in magazines— she brought to life- and helped my hands to do. She can see what I’m doing rt- and wrong— and helps me to spin in my own way- yet in a way that will create a usable yarn.

So here are my little first fruits….. –the purple- is a luscious soft purple merino— which I twisted into a mess. Betty told me to hold off on spinning that one…but I couldn’t wait to try it. SLIPPERY. Uneven. I’ll get better.

The red- cream is a corriedale/merino silk blend- top— very nice- and not nearly as slippery— much easier for my beginner fingers to manage.

Next are two bobbins of fuschia wool. The smaller of the 2 is my VERY first bobbin. The larger- I did this week at home- I thibk I’m developing a more even spin- and I’m happy with the plying. I have realized a few things:

1) I am going to need more bobbins— or learn how to skein the yarn. (We’re skeining washing etc this week)

2) Spinning is relaxing. Rhythmic. Textural.

3) I am not a big retarded spinning loser- after all.

4) I still think it’s weird.

5) I like it anyway.

The pics also show my Debbie Bliss silk Kiri— (had hoped it would be ready for Easter—- it wasn’t.) I WAS about to start the border— but in my artsy stupidity—- I dropped like 20 stitches off the end-and will now need to rescue- that section. That will require quiet- and chocolate. I’ll have to wait.

There is also a red sock- (Interweave—- spring— don’t remember the name….) I decided I don’t like the yarn— (today anyway) so I plucked out the needles- and cast on with Louet Gems in a pretty purple— much nicer hand— not all rough and scratchy.

I also knit up a pair of socks—- which I’ll put pics up to show tomorrow— as I’ve decided they are a post in and of themselves.

Why? Because, I believe I have discovered “Freudian Knits”.

Please don’t be alarmed- I have not adopted Freud’s theories— however- there is something to be said for the sub-conscious— and I think I’m doin some “Freudian Knittin” you’ll understand tomorrow.

Try not to bust a blood vessel thinking about it…(Yeah- I know no -one will- but let me have my imagination!)

Going to Spin a bit more… (and laugh at myself as I do it… cause I still don’t believe it.)

Dear Lord— I know that Spinning is not important in the “Big picture”… but I have to say- It’s incredible- the capacity you’ve created in each person– to LEARN… to CREATE…..To move hands in a way as to accomplish a task. When I look at the amazing potential of your creation- both in people and the Earth- I am just amazed. Thanks for the reminder Lord—- I suppose you are with me and teach me— even in the silly things– like spinning! I love you Lord- amen.

4 thoughts on “Knitting Blog? Oh, Yeah— And Spinning too!!!!

  1. I was talking to a few people yesterday about knitting. You have a God-given talent that I could never learn even though I tried. Don’t you love it when the Lord lets you know that He is our teacher and we actually learned something like how to spin!

    You might be interested in joining the webring for the Proverbs 31 woman. I just joined it recently, the button is on my blog. I came here from CWO by the way 😉

    Have a blessed day!
    In His Love,

  2. In reply to your comment…
    I would have thought the printers, especially the ones who professed to be God fearing, would have thought the same way, but they didn’t. Even telling them that the bottom line is reaching out to unbelievers and believers alike for the sole purpose of ministering to them by encouragement in stories, sometimes even written by themselves. I even got a quote from one for $2600, but they didn’t want to write it off for prime back cover advertising space…oh well, God hasn’t taken the dream away yet. I think He’s just put it on hold for a little while.

  3. i apologize in advance for the stupidity of this statement, but i’ve never actually thought about how yarn is made.

    that is so cool that you can do that!

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