Sami, Has “Issues” I guess I do too….

My Beagle Has “Issues” What a Shock.
Sami. Sami the Dog…..

She’s our dog. We all love her. She sits on my feet- and keeps them warm, she plays with Noah as if her were a BIG puppy (I think He may be…) She goes camping with us—- and misbehaves. It’s fun. SHe’s also the fattest Beagle in the world. Like almost 40 lbs. And built like a tank. She’s awesome. And CRAZY.

The truth is she’s quite neurotic.

Aside from the “typical” Beagle personality… sweet- happy, loving and stubborn…. add “nervous spaz” to her list of character traits.

We live in a neighborhood without fences. That’s new to me. (And I don’t get it) Although— I guess the view out the back window is kind of nice and “pastoral” (in a site-condo, houses built on top of each other, and we share a “common” drainage area full of cat tails… kind of way…)

Apparently it’s new to Sami as well…and, I think it freaks her out. Though, we’ve had her since she was just 16 weeks old…She still doesn’t seem to “get it”….

Anyway- she spends A LOT of time (read- sometimes hours at a time- between bouts of running in and out) standing at the doorwall- barking hysterically at every animal that comes into view. (Her VIEW- WE see nothing, — it’s entirely possible they are invisible, or imaginary… I haven’t found a “doggy shrink” to prove this out yet.. (No- I’m not looking for one) (Now- granted- occasionally a skunk will wander thru— DON’T ASK, or a possum– or a big fat racoon that loves dog food) But usually- there is nothing foreboding.

Sami gets this crazed look on her pretty doggy face—- and acts as though aliens were attacking— or wild beasts are glaring into the kitchen- awaiting their opportunity to attack, and kill or mame us all.

Sami is loyal. Sami wants to protect us. (albeit- from NOTHING!) It’s a “DOG Thing”

Ummm… maybe not JUST a DOG thing…. Sometimes I think I do the same thing…..

Well, maybe not the EXACT same thing—- I’d be locked up by now if that were true…. but sometimes- in my fierce loyalty… I think I respond to things like they are attacks—- when really they are just fat little raccoons who like to eat dog food…. or wandering skunks.

At this point- I don’t always bare my teeth and growl, but I FEEL like it. I notice that it’s worse at certain “times”… ummm of the month, and in certain seasons… like if I am struggling with a certain relationship or insecurity… then everything- or everyone- who wanders thru my emotional “yard” may be on the receiving end of my “barking thru the window” ( thru the window- if their LUCKY— face to face if not!).

I wonder if Sami feels like it’s her job to be “defender of those ( ideas, people) she loves”

I do.

Maybe Sami and I need “SUPERHERO” Capes— or suits with our “SUPER LOYAL Names” on our chests…… I can be Super “My Church is the Best Woman”, Or “My friends Do No Wrong Woman” (They don’t- they are perfect… well- ok, not PERFECT— but they are WONDERFUL!) Or I could be…..”My ideas about how things SHOULD be done, are RIGHT Woman”

Sami can be “Super Dog to the Rescue—- Saving the Solomon Family Universe from Nothing Dangerous , Dog”

Maybe I’ll learn two color knitting- and knit the capes. Probably NOT.

I guess my point is:

I’m feeling challenged to appreciate loyalty, to recognize it as a wonderful trait, both in me- in Sami, and others, and also to learn not to waste my time “barking at nothing” cause well— everything isn’t an attack— somethings are just randomly walking thru my unfenced yard.

Dear Jesus- I love you- and I ask you for wisdom to know what really is an attack, and what isn’t— please help me to see when I’m just being crazy like Sami, barking at imaginary attackers… and when I really do need to move in a protective way, or when I just need to back off- and let you fight and defend. (What a novel thought, huh? ) sorry- for stepping in when I shouldn’t, I Love you- Lord- and thank you for using even Neurotic Sami- to teach me more about myself and you! amen!