Spring—cleaning- and Kiri- Knitting update

Spring Cleaning… and Mom Spot….n KIRI update…
Busy. Busy. Busy.

As you can see from the pics yesterday… working on the couch doesn’t always WORK.

SO—I decided to do a little “creative space management”…..

We have a dining- room…. and like most people, who do—- we use it for holidays……….or when we have company….(which isn’t as often as I like!)

Seems like a “waste of space” to me… I moved in. It will be MULTI-purpose. I can change it back to a Dining room in about 15 minutes…. but- now my knitter-stash… my computer, my biblestudy stuff—–my spinning wheel, and fiber— will all be set up in here.

It’ll work for me!

I’ve also posted updated pics of KIRI (free pattern) here:

I’m on the 10th repreat of 12 before the edging. As per my obsessive style—- I’ll be making this again!

There is also a pic of my “Method” of lace knitting pattern tracking—- Kacha-kacha counter- to count rows—

CUTE Very CUTE sheepy counter to track repeats—–(http://stores.ebay.com/Seahorse-Designs)

I also found the cutest little hand made bag in the picture for my stitch markers and counters-;) Great to have for lace knitting!

For my next magical Kiri:
I have 4 skeins of this:
waiting for it! (Kidsilk night- starry night)

I finished the knitpicks “Garden- stargazer-lily” socks… fast- simple- plain sockies— Nice to knit between rows of lace…..and in the car at stop lights— and in parking lots—-and whie waiting in line…. and in the drive thru @ Mickey D’s ( i hate that plce- but Noah loves their happy meals!- They DO however have PLAIN Iced-Tea—-(hate that syrupy stuff- so thats what I get;) …..redirection from digression— Sorry!
Sock yarn available @:


I also cast on some SUPER quick sleep socks—- In Tessoro from Joanne’s— soft for 100% wool– and I kept hearing complaints that it doesn’t felt— so— nice warm lavander washable socks for me to sleep in!
(My feet are ALWAYS cold….) “Tessoro Toasty Toes” pattern hybrid-

Now for a question…..

Unspun fiber storage…. any fiber safe ideas???????

Especially ideas that will be able to COVER welll– as my su su studio/ (oohhhhhh osorry 80’s throw back for you…) office is also my DINING Room!!!!!!!
(Notice: Partial stash storage is in the pretty burgundy hatboxes!)

POST IDEAS–;) If you have trouble here- click my blogger link upper left sidebar—- comments are easier there. 😉

I like having a spot to work in—without a PARROT DOG on my shoulder!