Word Cloud and FiberGod Daughter REVEAL……

word cloud

make your own!

Interesting to have a WEB-BOT scan your blog and then show YOU what you “talk about” on line—- I’m guessing you could find your REAL priorities spelled out in your word cloud…

Something to think about: If your Word Cloud is accurate… what do I think it says about YOU?????

Edited to add—

My Fiber God Daughter recieved her REVEAL package…


you can take a peek at her goodies- at her blog..

I have to say- I really DO enjoy giving prezzies to people…. my goal is always to go “above and beyond” when it comes to secret pal things—- I guess I also see it as an opportunity to bless someone I don’t know– maybe even show them a bit of how extravagant God’s love is….

ok have to word cloud pic later- blogger isn’t working…..