A Few Miles in the Shoes of Caregivers and How YOU, Can Care for Caregivers

“What day is it?” I wake up in a panic. “Is this a treatment week, a side effect week, an off week or a work week?” I check my calendar. Whew. An “off” week. Good. That means it’s a week to catch up on “stuff”: Laundry. (Which is “enhanced” by treatment… Read more

Ism’s, Schism’s and A Prayer for Fierce Unity and Love.

Ism’s. Racism. Sexism. Ageism. Unfortunately-the list goes on forever. The truth is from ethnicity to religion to hairstyle etc. We isolate from and judge others. As less than.  We use ism’s to differentiate. Some, are not bad, they are simply categories.(Even though in general, I hate categories and labels.) I… Read more

What Everyone Needs: Friends Who Show Up. Even When You, Don’t.

I felt like everything including my body, was falling apart. I was doing everything I knew to do to cope, including, prayer, studying scripture taking breaks to care for myself and upping my Zoloft dose- but it wasn’t enough. I called a girlfriend fire drill. “I need to get together…. Read more

Creation and Created. The Dichotomy of Beauty

Do you ever just feel like the world is a big, ugly jacked up mess? I do. Usually after watching the news. (Which I try to avoid without becoming Amish.Cause it would pretty much require take that conversion to be truly free of the 24/7 news cycle.) Honestly? Avoiding the… Read more

The Cost of Integrity, The Value of a Cupcake.

“SCREEEECH” I (Unfortunately) recognized the sound as soon as I heard it. It was the sound of bumper scraping bumper. Even worse? I was turning into a parking spot at one of my places of respite the bookstore.  I was also on a mission…. the mission did not include my… Read more

What they don’t tell you about boys and puberty.

Disclaimer: Puberty. Enough said. Everybody talks about girls and puberty. The moodiness, The sass. The out of control body changes and image issues that arrive with them. Rollercoaster emotions and hormone driven, temporary insanity with a side of distaste for all things parental. Especially when it comes to the new… Read more

Diagnosis: Puberty. In which I am Clueless. 

“Do you feel ok? You look like you hve a rash.” Of course, I immediately use my built in thermometer, AKA: hand, to check my son for a for a temp. (Why do moms do this? If they feel warm we got get the “real”” thermometer anway…mabe it’s prescreening?)  No… Read more

MOPS Membership and Me

“Membership has it’s privileges.” Yes, I’m old enough to remember that commercial. (And now- you are too. See? I just leveled the age field. I’m awesome like that. So is YouTube.You’re welcome.) There are plenty of old commercials I don’t remember….. but that one? Almost every word. Maybe it’s because… Read more

Even Here. Sometimes the nest finds me, God always does.

After a long week of appointments and frustration “Don’t drop the milk.” was my only cognizant thought I could manage as I made my way to the front door. I was carrying enough flimsy plastic grocery bags threaded over my hands up my wrists to stretch my arms like the… Read more

…into the waves. In which I am braver on the water and consider filling my shoes with it.

“Turn into the waves. You won’t tip, if you go straight into the waves.”  When a friend told me this, I was pretty sure she was insane, or lying. Our group of friends likes to prank each other. You never know. Going into the waves, goes against every emotional and… Read more