In which I give up Spanx for a year and learn to breathe again.

  My name is Tracey, and I’m a Spanx addict.   It started with control top hose. (Gate way undergarment, if you ask me.) then I got my first pair of Spanx, I layered them over the hose, and voila! A few less lumpy bits. I like that so much, that… Read more

Thanksgiving recipe- Fresh Cranberry Relish Tutorial

Ingredients: 2 – 12 oz bags fresh cranberries 1 1/2 Cups sugar 1 giant (Christmas stocking type) Navel orange- zested- then pith removed and cut into large chunks 1) Wash- pick over cranberries (It’s our traqdition to have the kids do this part) 2) Zest orange (I use a very… Read more

Just. The. Next. Step.

  I over-think things. Okay, not just “things.” I over-think everything. I run best and worst case scenarios like someone installed some twisted problem solving algorithm in my head. (I’m sure it’s the government, they want to distract me from taxes. I’d probably wear a tinfoil hat if they came in… Read more

A Broken Brave

  My coffee cup cupboard is a dangerous game of Jenga. Porcelain teacups are  stacked with heavy Starbucks mugs. Insulated cups, ready to hit the road are perched on cracked faded cups gifted by students, 30 years ago. (This type of stacking is what happens when your family empties the dishwasher…. Read more

Refuge and Refugees

Everything hurts. There is nowhere and no way to be comfortable. It’s always either too hot or too cold. Safety is always in question. How bad will this day be? What will the war bring? Collateral damage? Injury? Assault? Fear? How will my children be affected, today? I long for… Read more

The Last Dandelion. Celebrating the daily love of my kids.

  It is crushed enough that the chubby, dirty fingernailed and mud smeared hand that holds it, now shares a smear of it’s sun-like yellow color. And, it is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.  The last dandelion handed to me by my son.  The leaves are wilted. The stem… Read more

Fierce Faith: When it’s not “okay,” and may not be.

  “It’s okay.” “It will be okay.” These are the words I use to try to convince myself and others that it will be, “Okay.” They are not usually words I use when it actually IS okay. “It’s okay.” “It will all be, okay.” Are the words other people use to… Read more

Pain- To Be Shared, Not Compared

Repost Warning: Forget about zombies…. we’re under attack of a two headed dragon lie. This dragon is trying to kill what God so desperately wants to create- community. Today we’re gone slay that lie like the warriors of love we are, and want to be. It’s the lie that if… Read more

Truth, or Dare? In which I discover I hide my fear behind truth…

Truth, or Dare? I choose Truth. Every time. I don’t recall ever taking a dare. I’d like to say it’s because i’m much too mature to accept a dare. Or, that it’s because of my deep abiding love for the truth and my calling to tell it….but it’s not. It’s… Read more

The Mommy- Martyr Crown

As each woman walked out and took her place on stage, I sized up my competition. Each one, was: Beautiful Intelligent Resourceful Unique Dedicated Incredible Struggling Each was dressed perfectly in her own style- and donning the perfect shoes. I thought: “I might be in trouble.”  And, I hoped the… Read more