In Which: I Hate Being on Hold. In all ways.

Confession: I hate the phone. Well- I love my phone- I just hate talking on it. I have issues talking to people without being able to see their faces. Among the bakers dozen other issues I have. I especially hate being placed on hold, once I’ve actually picked up the… Read more

In Which a Small Fear grows into a Small Brave that Turns into Big Brave.

“I’m not the artsy one.” “My handwriting is illegible- there’s no way I can draw.” “Words, are as close to art as I can get.” “Photography is my art.” I’ve said and believed, all of the above. And in the back of my mind I always dreamed of being able… Read more

Dear Body: I’m Sorry for Bullying you. Thank you for being the beautiful, broken, amazing mess that my soul dwells in.

I left the Neurologist feeling frustrated and irritated. “I hate this. I hate pain. I hate not being able to do stuff. I hate needing help. I hate having to rest. I HATE MY BODY.” This particular  rant was inspired by the neurologist’s diagnosis and treatment plan: “Your back is… Read more

The Perfection Paradox- In Which Women are Crazy and I’m the Queen of Crazyville.

We’ve all met her. Or, think we have. You know, the chick with everything. The perfect chick. Her hair that inspires stars to get makeovers. Her skin looks airbrushed by God. She has a nose that looks suspiciously fixed- but isn’t. It’s just: perfect. Her cheekbones could have been chiseled… Read more

No Shame in My Lunchbox Game:

 “That’s a healthy lunch.” If sarcasm were a machete, she’d just taken off my head like Mishonne does to zombies in The Walking Dead. Out of breath and downright thrilled that I’d managed to pull off getting an edible lunch to my kid before afterschool pick up- I didn’t realize… Read more

In Which I am Neither a Hypochondriac, Nor, Dying. But, it’s time for a few miles some new shoes…

“Oh, it’s a cramp.” “I pulled a muscle.” “I’ll take a nap.” “Breathing hurts.” “Im a hypochondriac, this is probably a panic attack. Chill out.” “Breathing is over-rated.” “Is an invisible Pirate is stabbing me in the ribs?” (Too much Once upon a Time and Sleepy Hollow Just saying.) “Maybe,… Read more

Thanks, Today Show- But, I Refuse to take the Mommy Wars, Bait.

“Seriously? Are we still here? It’s 2015.” That was my response to the discussion this morning on The Today Show.  Inspired by an Op-Ed piece written by A SAHM. She said (I’m paraphrasing)  “Parenting is not a job, it’s a privilege.” Which somehow managed to spur another round of Mommy Wars…. Read more

Sneak peek at the #motorcitytattooexpo2015 Cee Jay Inky Jones

  Something beautiful by Mario Sanchez The number of artists and the variances in specializations at the Expo is incredible! Check out Cee Jay’s Facebook, Instagram and Website for more pics from the Motorcity Detroit Expo and to book an appointment at her  Sassmouth Ink shop opening April 1st!!! If you… Read more

FYI: for your first tattoo convention: Motor City Tattoo Expo 2015

Last year was my first Tattoo Expo experience.   It wasn’t what I expected (Thank goodness. I have issues.Duh. ) What I experienced was art and families and fun and community. I loved it. So… I’m going back again! Get ready Detroit! This time I’ll be helping with a friend’s booth…. Read more

A Mile in Her Shoes. Or, Rather A Mile in My Uggs, Her Hijab #Shoefie #amileinhershoes

“You need to be careful.” “Think this through, it could be dangerous.” “Be careful where you go.” “This might not be a good idea.” The words played on shuffle in my mind, as I did what women have done daily for thousands of years. I carefully veiled myself. I covered… Read more