Hope Twinkles in the Dark. 

Tweet Confession. I often wonder how and why I’m here. At MOPS. On the board. In ministry. On Earth. Not because I don’t feel called or equipped, but because it just doesn’t always make a lot of sense.  There has been a lot of darkness in mine and my families… Read more

Even Here, When I Can’t Even.

Tweet I can’t even.    Believe we’re facing another cancer crisis.  Believe we’re in the hospital, again. Believe the timing. (Days before my youngest turns 14.) Keep up with how many different specialist consults we’ve had. Do laundry. (Can’t even remember how many times I’ve re-washed the load that’s currently… Read more

Noticing The Goodness That Is There, Every Day

Tweet I tend to be a little hyper-focused at times. (I also tend to totally lack focus at other times. It’s called balance. Or maybe, ADD.) Truth is,  I’ve been in a long season of hyper-focus. Managing daily life, my home and family’s needs, and caregiving through an entire series… Read more

A mile in her shoes…walking in the dark, with others.

Tweet They carefully pressed his tiny toes first onto the ink pad, then onto the birth certificate. Next came his tiny hands. Hands that would hold my finger while he nursed, hold my hand while we walked and my heart, forever.  I have experienced those holy moments with 3 sons…. Read more

A Fresh Cup of Brave….Filled by Beloved Friends

Tweet    I wrote a few months back, I wrote about my broken bravery. I talked about my heart breaking  along with this mug. I know. I know. It’s not a magical mug. (Although, the coffee I fill it with might be. Just sayin. Witch to wonder mom in 2… Read more

Dear Mom Who…….

Tweet Dear mom who: parents differently than me. Is having a bad day. Hasn’t showered in a week due to nursing schedule of doom or depression.  Who has a cranky child. Who has a child who has decided that today is THE day to test cuss words at church, or… Read more

I’m Not Proud to Be a Christian. (Just: grateful, humbled, in awe of God’s grace to me, the list goes on.)

Tweet I sometimes find myself wanting to wave a flag and declare:  I’m proud to be a Christian. Except. I’m not. It’s Pride Pressure. Pride pressure is when you see a bunch of facebook posts that (basically) threaten to judge you if you don’t post your “pride.” Some even imply… Read more

“Sorry, Pat Benatar. Love is not a battlefield. It’s time to stop fighting about it and start living it”

Tweet     Shout out to my girl, Pat. We’re on first name basis, of course. I actually call her Patty, she calls me Betty. (Long story.) ok. That’s a lie. Any way,  thanks , Pat, for inspiring my love of black leather, sassy short hair and for warning me that… Read more

A Mile in Her Shoes: Picking Favorites (Not among my children.)

Tweet I love her style. Maybe, if I spend time with her, it will rub off.  A list.  She’s beautiful, like model beautiful. If I hang with her, I’ll be the fat, plain friend. B list. She’s too negative. I can’t have that in my life. She’s too happy-happy joy… Read more

A Mile in her Shoes: a Mom in the Middle.

Tweet             Work from home mom? Stay at home mom? Mom of teens? College mom? Caregiver? Speaker? Writer? Wife?  If you asked me “What kind of mom are you?” I’d have to reply: “All of the above.”  I’m a mom in the middle.  In the middle of… Read more